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Our Safety shoe Features
Inspired by nature and available in wider width, Safeet safety shoe is characterised by its perfect fit & lightweight for every foot. Safeet Shoes is certified according to the EN ISO 20345 norm. Manufactured from first-class leather and various other superior quality materials, in addition to a steel toecap, the models also possess the following features:
     Width fittings
     Good climate management 
     Available with two types of Shock-absorbing system (Air pad heel and PU pad heel).
     Unique outsole profile for optimal grip 
     Energy-saving Easy Rolling System 
     ESD-version with protection against electrostatic discharge
     Models available with the waterproof and breathable lining
     Models equipped with strengthening ribbing toecap
Our Pride
What we have experiences may lead you to know why we can be your good partner:
1. Factory with 12 year experience
2. Technician supervisors work for more than 20 year in the safety shoe production.
3. Strictly conform to CE and ASTM standard
4. Sole production partner for Taiwan’s famous brand: KS
5. Steady product quality.
6. Strict quality control.
7. Quick delivery (3000 pairs 15--20 days)
8. Stocks for your urgent demand (fasting moving items)
9. OEM / ODM available.
The Environment
The belief that the protection of the environment is the responsibility of everyone is wholeheartedly endorsed at Safeet Shoes, and we are pro-actively engaged at all times in preventing any pollution of the environment from hazardous waste products. Environmental awareness as well as stringent training in safety and hygiene forms a regular part of our employee training programme. Besides, the leather we are using is all with Chromium VI content reaches CE approval

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