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The Differences between Stylish Safety shoes and Comfort Safety shoes

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large debate over the proper safety shoes  selection is whether it’s better to wear safety shoes that look great, or wear comfort safety shoes to keep your feet feeling good. This comes up when people are deciding on the right safety shoes for an event they’ll be attending. They want to look great but also want to be comfortable.
Comfort safety shoes are designed to keep the feet feeling good as well as helping care for the back and spine. These are created with balance in mind so the spine will be kept in alignment and not be strained. However, while this is essential for the body, these safety shoes typically are not very attractive. Their purpose is to provide comfort so that’s all the manufacturers care about. It’s quite difficult to locate safety shoes  that offer comfort and style both.
Add to the ugliness factor that comfort safety shoes are quite expensive. That’s because of the materials they are made from. These include sole material that offer a strong grip as well as cushioned material that keep your feet healthy while walking long distances. If they’re well cared for, these safety shoes will last a lifetime.
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Stylish safety shoes are made more cheaply than comfort safety shoes . In fact, they can actually be a health hazard to wear. Since they’re just meant to look good, not as much care are taken with safety and comfort issues. 
The manufacturers figure these safety shoes won’t be worn for long distances as they’re typically selected for special events. That’s another reason that women’s stylish safety shoes have almost inhumane heights on the heels. These types of heels are very dangerous to the spine and back. They can even cause osteoporosis over time.
In addition, the stylish safety shoes need to be stored in an area free of humidity. Too much humidity encourages the growth of mold. This will damage the safety shoes irreparably.
A good choice is to have both comfort safety shoes and stylish safety shoes on hand. In that way, you can have the comfort safety shoes when you need to walk long distances, and the stylish safety shoes when you are attending a special function. This will let you have the best of both worlds.

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